Our motto is: We save We support We help, and this is what the Founders Mr and Mrs Maria and Łukasz Jurek have set for our organization. Therefore, the Marysieńka Foundation has started to carry out its tasks, currently based on three main initiatives which we would like to present to you in more detail.


We save the monuments of Lower Silesia, which under the influence of time, lack of commitment and often lack of goodwill of authorities, are completely degraded. There are fewer and fewer objects that can still be saved from destruction and soon there will be nothing to save. But enough of this complaining, now we’re getting to the point. So, we focused on rescuing of the Targoszyn Palace from the total degradation. This beautiful Neo-Renaissance-style palace with Neo-Baroque and Rococo elements is located in a charming 10-hectare park. Due to negligence that lasted for decades, the building is completely ruined, water gets inside through the leaking roof, destroying the ceilings and the interior of the palace, and winds and downpours complete the destruction. Our primary goal for the nearest future is to secure and repair the roof, then we plan to start the reconstruction of the ceilings, elevation as well as the interior. It is worth noting that the history of the palace in Targoszyn is closely connected with the world-famous aviation ace of World War I called Red Baron in pop culture. The palace is entered in the register of monuments under no. 588/L, while the landscape park is entered in the register of monuments under no. 558/L. We want to build a hippotherapy centre for children and people in need of help in the park and manor buildings area.z


We support young athletes, from indigent families, by funding their sports activities and sports camps. We also help small sports clubs, whose situation is often very difficult.

A laughing handicapped down syndrome boy with his mother indoors having fun.


We help all those in need, especially children with cerebral palsy, autism and other diseases. According to the assumptions already presented in the first initiative, we want to build in the shortest possible time a hippotherapy centre for sick patients and those in need of help. We hope that with your help we will be able to complete this project by the end of 2021.